one day i was playing then i was playing some more and then more and then... i got tired and slept THE END just kidding i was playing every day but saturday at this day i was watching rick and morty episode 8 everything was ok and the episode is good BUT the clip where morty puts on the memory things wasnt right it instead showed alot of cringy clips from cringy fans of rick and morty and then morty grabbed the gun and shot himself for real then rick grabbed the helmet and saw what morty saw and then he killed himself then summur showed up and then she screamd loudly SO LOAD THAT MY EARS STARTED TO BLEED so i muted it BUT SHE KEPT SCREAMING LOUDLY AND I STILL HEAR IT then she said after screaming (AAAAAHHHH come on i dont want to clean the floor) then after that a stupid looking fan of rick and morty showed up with gaping bleeding eyes then he got out of the tv and fell because my tv is on the wall what an idiot then he stood up and said in a demonic voice WUBBA. LUBBA. DUB. DUB then i grabbed my trusty shotgun and shot him in the face now hes face is a gaping hole bleeding and i hide the body and then after that i saw the ghost of him and possed me and then i remeber writing in the inetrnet to be fair you have to have a very high iq to uderstand rick and morty and the jokes (blah blah blah lets get on with it) then i saw that mcdonlds sells swaechan sauce or sw.. WHATEVER IT IS then i got there there were no sauce so i was screaming and acting like i have siezure and got to the ground and said IM PICKLE RIIICK RIIICK PICKLE RIIICKK then i ran home and then i snapped out of it and then got to the body and then shot it with my trusty shotgun alot of times that there were only bullets and blood left and then i cooked a pasta and it was gooood then i wrote this waste of fucking time THE END

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